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10 July 2013 @ 12:16 pm
Its been a busy couple of months with reports (blech - someone remind me why I want to be a teacher again when report time comes around), a couple of weekends away for concerts and shows and random other stuff that's been popping up regularly. But I had to comment on a bunch of stuff...

1) Jesus Christ Superstar - I love when revivals play with their source material well and can re-contextualise a musical so that it completely changes the design but the story is still told well. The touring arena production did this brilliantly using the occupy movement, Banksy inspired art design and Guantanomo Bay to tell the story of Jesus. And the cast was awesome my inner 15 year old squeed far too much over seeing a Melanie Chisolm live finally - Sporty was always my favourite Spice Girl - and better yet she was good as Mary. I loved seeing Tom Parsons as Peter, considering the last thing I saw him in was Avenue Q about 5 years ago it was a happy suprise that he was playing that role over here. Most of all though Tim Minchin was just amazing as Judas, it's the first time i've seen him live and it was well worth the wait even if he wasn't doing his own material. Ben Foster really impressed me as Jesus as well but lets face it it was always going to be about Tim for me.

2) Adelaide - Next up was Adelaide Cabaret Festival and seeing Idina Menzel live. The first time I heard Idina Menzel it was the Rent soundtrack playing on cassette in my friends Rox's car driving around Sydney so I'm glad she met us down there for a crazy weekend of wineries, wandering around and fangirling. First off Idina Menzel was incredible. Her set list was pretty much just songs from my favourite musicals, including No Day but Today and Take Me or Leave Me from Rent; The Wizard and I, Defy Gravity and a section of For Good from Wicked; keeping with the Oz theme she did Somewhere over the Rainbow; then did a couple of Marvin Hamlisch songs which included At The Ballet and What I Did For Love both of which I adore. Then she finished with a song from If/When which is what she will be going back to Broadway for and is written by the team behind Next to Normal and if the first song is an indication I can't wait to hear the rest of the show. Oh and her mash-up of Cole Porter's Love For Sale with Sting's Roxanne (her hooker medley) was awesome. Anyway she was fabulous - she interacted with the audience well, her voice was gorgeous, and her interaction with the Adelaide Symphony and their very hot conductor was hilarious.

3) Wine (I'm an Alumnus!) - So after drinking far too much amazing wine in the Barossa we came back home to 10 bottles (and four more which we well get from Sydney later). After getting chatting with the staff at my favourite winery ever they let us try the not for tasting wines which included Shiraz from the oldest vines in the Southern Hemisphere and OMG it was good. Then there was an Alumni winter deal from CSU that was cheap and a good mix of white and red. We now have more wine than I know what to do with in the house. But its all good wine and i'm sure it won't go to waste.

4) There are tv shows making me ranty but I feel like that is for a bigger post... in short fuck the skins producers, fuck the warehouse 13 producers and fuck needlessly giving loved characters cancer when you don't have time to do the stories justice.

5) Fannish roadtrips - Before the movie Serenity came out there were screenings for fans in various parts of the country. The Sydney one sold out so me and 3 friends ended up taking half days at work driving to Canberra (3 and a half hours away) seeing the movie and driving home before going to work the next day. This has apparently become tradition. After finding out the local cinema won't be showing Joss Whedon's Much Ado About Nothing Heidi and I will be driving to Canberra Thursday night and coming back on Sunday. I don't know if making it a long weekend shows that we're less crazy than I used to be... Still lots of other things will be done including seeing the Turner paintings from the Tate and probably getting to the War Memorial and the National Museum plus all the shoppinng we can only get in cities.
13 June 2013 @ 06:03 pm
Today I had a chat with my mentor teacher about next term... They are taking away one of my tough English class, on the one hand i've been having trouble with them and this is the class that made someone quit, on the other does this mean they think i'm crap cause I can't handle them? I think i'll be bringing this up tomorrow with someone up the chain just to see what's happening.

Anyway, the good news is they've replaced that class with another elective that i'll be teaching instead. Mythbusters! It's an elective science course based on the show where you look at one of the myths they do and then see what can be done in the classroom to play with it. It's seriously awesome and I am so excited for next term.

It's actually been a really weird day with the kids, there's bitchiness between year 8 girls, one group of whom want to confide in me and tell me everything, the other girl who wants to punch me in the face and is avoiding school because it's all my fault; my year 9 girls were pissed off today when they realised I won't be teaching them next term (thankfully they didn't take it out on me but they promised - or possibly threatened - to follow me to classes next term and just show up so they could pretend I was still their teacher, my year 8 boys have decided it's hilarious to pat me on the head as I walk past and call me Mrs Buttercup rather than my name, and there's some random kids I don't even teach who keep trying to hang out in my classroom at lunch. So on the whole i'm thinking i've made a mostly positive impact on the kids.

Anyways tomorrow we're are off to Melbourne for Jesus Christ Superstar starring Tim Minchin and Sporty Spice! (Sad confession time - I'm as excited about the Spice Girls as I am for Tim Minchin) and then next weekend it's off to Adelaide for Idina Menzel, Barossa winery fun and random Adelaide adventures with Rox - who will finally forgive me for having seen Idina live in London without her.
09 May 2013 @ 05:31 pm
No spoilers cause I still haven't seen it but if I don't enjoy it you'll probably hear the anguished cry from wherever you are (yes even those of you in the UK). Today I walked into school wearing a red shirt and told the kids if they worked out why I was worried they'd get a prize - responses ranged from "It's a first date" to "You're worried the movie is gonna suck" but one actually asked "Doesn't that mean you're gonna die?" So that pretty much made my day. The rest of the staff were giving me shit for being a massive nerd which I think means my team has gotten to know me pretty well :-D.

School is actually going pretty well - have had a couple of bad days with the kids but the good outnumber them by far and I'm really enjoying both the school and the classes i'm teaching.

Apart from that nothing much is going on. Enjoying the quiet before a massive June which includes trips to Melbourne for Jesus Christ Superstar with Tim Minchin and a weekend in Adelaide for the Cabaret Festival and the Idina Menzel concert.

Before then though, i'm hoping to hear if my contract is being continued for next term or if I need to start applying elsewhere. Still I'm thinking positively... considering my year 8 team leader gave me an iPad so I can learn how to use them properly before year 7's (who all have them) get to year 8 next year I'm hoping this means i'm going to be around for a while longer.
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30 March 2013 @ 10:51 pm
Doctor Who premiere in the morning, Game of Thrones on Monday - less than a month till the return of Warehouse 13 and the start of Defiance so i'm declaring this my personal nerd month!

School holidays have officially started (and while i'll be breaking union rules and working on unit plans) but mostly have two weeks off which means I can finish catching up on Supernatural before school goes back. Also before school goes back is a weekend down to Melbourne to see a bunch of Comedy Festival shows and Supanova Comicon is on at the same time.

At the moment we are still debating wether we go see a the Doug Anthony All Stars Reunion show or Supanova which has Eliza Dushku, Adam Baldwin, Natalia Tena, a couple of the dwarves from The Hobbit and Alex Kingston. Still going back and forth but I think at the moment it may be Supanova and then trying to get to the comedy festival afternoon shows.
26 March 2013 @ 04:43 pm
For the last few weeks i've been working at the local middle school on a week to week basis. There were hints it would be till the end of term but they'd only confirm a week at a time. Thursday is the end of the term and work has added up to four and a half weeks straight. Which is awesome considering each day is being paid at the casual rate.

But the good news is they've asked me to change the load i'm currently teaching to a full time load starting next term and with that comes a term long contract, with the next two terms hinted at as well.

For now though, I'm just thrilled to have 12 weeks straight where I get to teach every day. I'm especially looking forward to losing the extras in favour of my own classes. Plus next term I get another English class which will be awesome! Don't get me wrong i'm enjoying history but I'm looking forward to getting back to English as well.
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02 March 2013 @ 11:42 am
Spent another day at the local middle school yesterday. I was kind of hoping they'd give me some more work neext week and they actually did better than that. I got offered a week of teaching art/photography at the other campus of their school when I got there in the morning. Art is not really my thing but photography would be fun so of course I jumped at it... but by the end of the day that had changed. The principal came to see me and told me she changed it to Humanities/English and Visual communications telling me she wanted me to impress them over at the other campus. On top of that she said it was officially only a week but depending on what happened with the person I'm replacing it would likely be to the end of the term and beyond.

Again, I was told that she wants to give me a contract and keep me at the school which would be awesome. The campus i'm at next week is a 15 minute walk from home. The staff there are lovely and while I haven't taught there I've had a bit of time there as a tutor and I really like the feel of the place.

So, while only a week is confirmed I've got the chance to get way more than that and if nothing else the principal and staff are obviously trying to keep me in the system so I do get a job there. Which is awesome! Since I did spend so much time there last year i'm basically being treated like i'm part of the furniture by staff who have all been fantastic. So, yeah trying not to count my chickens but being positive at the same time. Hopefully this all comes off and I get my first contract out of it.
07 February 2013 @ 06:13 pm
So finding Richard the third is kind of awesome. Okay, so there's not really any historical finds to be discovered (well beyond where he ended up) but being able to use three different ways of determining that it was Dicky 3 is brilliant to show historical methodologies and the technology to determine not just what he looked like but how he died is something that could be really fun in class.

And of course following up with historical mysteries and going through the debates about who did what and why it matters 800 year later is just fun.

Beyond that i'm just playing a waiting game. I don't do well when i'm at loose ends... and considering school has only been back for a week there's not much need for casual teachers yet. So after re-doing and then dropping my resume around and getting things ready in case i'm called in for a casual day theres not much else for me to do.

This has led to me cleaning and organising first the bathroom, then the living room and finally the kitchen. Then I got into the spare room and finally packed up some of the crap thats been accumulating in there. My next task may be to re-catalogue the books and DVD's so that all my lists are up to date. Apparently, out-of-work me is both a neat-freak and slightly OCD.

Beyond that plan i've still got two shifts at work but thats Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning so it really doesn't cover much of my time, I've read four new books in the last two weeks, i've finished another season of Supernatural and started the next one...

And between writing this and posting it I got a call for work next week! Okay, it's only one day but hooray for work!
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22 January 2013 @ 11:27 am
The weekend was spent in Newcastle going to Rob's 30th. It's still weird to see my little brother all grown up, it really should stop suprising me at some point. Anyway everything went mostly okay, same old issues with the parents and somehow I still turn into a sullen teenager when I'm around them for more than an hour but mostly we all got along which was nice. Also got to catch up with my Uncle and his wife which was lovely.

Beyond that the next day and a half after were spent in Sydney not really doing anything beyond catching up with the BFF but that was nice. It really was a flying trip and I didn't have time to organise catch ups with anyone else but hopefully i'll make it back to Sydney soon (with H. as well).

I did get to the Alexander the Great exhibit at the Australian Museum which was just awesome. They had a lot of statuettes that were famous from the cover of books. I think I spent about 10 minutes gaping at the Head of Achilles which was on the cover of the Illiad that was the first translation thaT I read while I was in school. So yeah, if you're in Sydney and have a free morning its well worth the price of admission. I have to say I love the Australian Museum. They have a lot of hands on stuff and are so kid friendly and its just good to see kids having fun in museums.

Beyond that, i'm currently 4 hours into an 8 hour train journey and so far its going well. My phone is losing battery and I should turn off the wifi hotspot to conserve power (I miss public transport with free Wifi) but i've read a heap and so far its quiet and without any major annoyances (touch wood).
12 January 2013 @ 05:06 am
Now. Here. This. is the second musical from the creators of [title of show] which is one of my favourite musicals. One of the reasons I love [title of show] is the smallness of it - according to one song all you need to create a broadway musical is four chairs and a keyboard and thats it. Both of the shows have four cast members (three of whom also wrote both musicals) where tos has only got a keyboard player Now. Here. This. has also got a couple of other instruments but it feels like a nice continuation.

So before I tell everyone to go buy this CD because its amazing and I love it an admission... to make this CD the producers turned to crowdsourcing through kickstarter. I donated twice to this project (buying signed CDs for me and my best friend). Best $100 ever!

Its not a musical thats got the big torch songs and the orchestra but what it does have is a lot of heart (and a dinosaur). Like in tos the cast are playing fictionalised versions of themselves and the story is loosely hung on a trip to the natural history museum where the exhibits prompt songs about the various cast members lives. It's fun, it's light and there are songs that absolutely kill me. The Golden Palace is just beautiful I can't even do it justice but the general gist is it's about the father of Susan and his journey from illiterate 10 year old to someone who writes poetry... and the fears that stops the creative process from beginning and later being released. The thing that gets me about this song is the actions of not only Susan's father but his teacher who has each student read the same passage aloud to the class - a standard practice of the time but as its pointed out no-one realises he cant read until he's chosen first. It's sad and lovely and kills me dead from feels and I really can't articulate it beyond this.

Anyway the CD is brilliant and everyone should have a listen to it. Even if its just to go itunes and preview the songs.

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02 January 2013 @ 12:13 pm
Okay so I hate the "New Years Resolutions" thing but I have some thoughts, hopes and plans for the new year and I figure writing about them makes them more firm. This is the first year out of uni and so my main hope is to find regular enough gigs as a casual teacher or hopefully be picked up by one of the schools on a contract. I would love to be able to quit my part time job and leave that place behind but right now it's becoming my safety net... something I hate - but if I leave it and don't get casual teaching days i'm screwed so it remains there for now.

The next plan relates to my DVD shelves and books - NO MORE NEW STUFF TILL I READ/WATCH WHAT WE HAVE - okay the DVDs i'm mostly on top of what I have I've seen before or have watched but theres a bunch I haven't got to yet. Books though are ridiculous - okay some of those books are H's but i'm putting a stop to buying till i've read more of them.

Which leads me to read more... now that uni is done i've been reading more but also forgetting to keep tracking it... so i've signed up for the good reads challenge (going with 40 books - I'm hoping to average one a week but I figured setting a low target and beating it will be better than a high challenge and failing). Next challenge to sign up foor is the Australian Women's writers challenge which I think I can do with books on the shelf that I haven't read yet.

Lastly to write and probably blog more. Hopefully writing more regularly even if its just unloading my thoughts on 750 words and hopefully blogging about something once a week. What that will be I have no idea yet but i'm open to suggestions. I think thats the main three anyway.

Generally my plan is to purge the negativity, get rid of bitchiness and catty bullshit that has started to grow and instead focuss on the good stuff and keep positive.
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